The Southern Academy of Sport Athlete Performance Program is designed to support talented athletes of all sports fulfil their potential and reach the elite in their field.

The Southern Academy of Sport works with athletes who aspire to elite sport in a variety of ways, including daily or weekly in person coaching, remote program design or one-off consultations, testing and screening. The Academy aims to deliver world class coaching and development in the four foundations of performance:


Physical Athletic Development program designed to:

  • Improve performance specific to sport and position
  • Reduce injury risk
  • Develop a healthy, balanced athlete

The program will include where appropriate:

  • Performance testing and analysis
  • Gym based strength, mobility and conditioning.
  • Power Development
  • Acceleration and Speed training
  • Sports specific conditioning

The program is delivered flexibly and in consultation with the athlete’s sports coaches, to ensure athletic development work compliments the athlete’s sports training.


Mindset can often be the defining factor in sporting success.

The Academy’s Mindset coach holds a Masters in Sports Psychology and through a combination of group work, individual coaching and online learning, teaches athletes strategies to:

  • Think clearly under pressure.
  • Develop a growth mindset.
  • Deal with and learn from failure.
  • Reduce sports-based anxiety.


The aims of our recovery and rehab program are two-fold:

  • To reduce the risk of injury by introducing athletes to effective recovery methods.
  • To manage injuries when they do occur, and to rehabilitate the athlete back to competition.

All athletes undergo injury screening and testing. Injured athletes have access to a monthly Physiotherapy diagnosis clinic and receive reduced rates on any treatment. A team of practitioners work together to rehabilitate the athlete, with Physiotherapists, Masseurs and Strength Coaches all playing a part in designing and delivering a unique program.


Nutrition coaching for both health and performance are provided using a combination of one to one, online learning and group workshops by our Precision Nutrition qualified coaches. Athletes are given the knowledge and strategies to put into action healthy eating that will support their daily training as well as when they are travelling for sport and game day nutrition.

Success Stories

Eilidh Bell

Scotland #2 ranked marathon runner and 25 minute improvement with Academy.

Morgan Gascoigne

Jump Athlete. From UK #20 to UK #3 UK Under 20’s with Academy

Jack Eglin

MMA Fighter and National title holder

Katie Partridge

England Under 16’s Hockey

Jamie Cooper

Golfer – Positive handicap and +9mph club head speed.

Chris Pratt

Team GB Skeet Shooter. 9th Place World Cup.

Nick Brennan

PGA Golfer. PGA Cup Great Britain and Ireland team member.

Sam Alford

Professional rugby player.

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