Girls Gym Intro Course

Our six-week course introduces young females to training safely, effectively and with confidence in the gym environment. 

Female sport and fitness participation has an issue: by the age of 17, 64% of girls have dropped out of sport entirely.

Common reasons for this drop-off include girls lacking confidence and self belief whilst performing physical activity, not finding enjoyment in sport, or experiencing reservations about intimidating gym environments.

We combat these limiting factors by building confidence in girls’ ability to use the gym safely and effectively to increase health and performance, including addressing female specific barriers to participation.

Upcoming Girls Gym Intro Course:

  • Mondays 1945-2035, Beginning 20th February for six consecutive weeks.
  • Girls from all sports, or none, age 12-18.
  • Held at Southern Academy of Sport HQ, Pewsham, SN15 3RS.
  • £36 for 6 weeks (£6 per session)
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It is our mission to ensure girls learn how to effectively train without injury. We will provide:

  • Coaching on how to strength train safely, correctly and age appropriately.
  • Constant supervision from expert S&C coaches.
  • Individualised support.
  • Understanding of ‘why’ and ‘how’ of training for health and sports performance.


We increase confidence and self esteem allowing girls to feel comfortable in all gym environments:

  • Enabling girls to learn and master new skills.
  • Helping girls unleash their physical and mental potential.
  • Improve performance in their sport.


We understand that the gym can be a daunting and unfamiliar environment, especially for females. We provide education on how to feel comfortable and remove barriers to participation.

  • The Menstrual Cycle and how it can affect your sport
  • Pubertal changes that may affect your performance.
  • What to wear in the gym so you can both perform and feel comfortable around others.
  • Why the gym doesn’t have to be an intimidating place for girls.
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About Us

Our mission is to help athletes optimise their physical performance and reduce injury risk, through delivering world class coaching and support.


Units 17 & 18 Forest Gate,
SN15 3RS

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