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If you play any of these sports, you should be training your neck strength to reduce risk of head and neck injury:





There are several factors in reducing head and neck injury risk in contact sports, including:
  • Technique – for example safe rugby tackle technique, heading a football safely.
  • Anticipation – developing an understanding of when contact is imminent, and how to prepare for it.
  • Reaction Time – being able to move to an optimal (and safe) position as quickly as possible.
  • Peripheral Vision – visual awareness of the space and people around you increases the time you have to prepare for contact.
One of the key factors for reducing injury risk is neck strength – there is evidence that an increase in neck strength is correlated with a reduction in head injury.
Our Entry Level Neck Strength Training program is free to access for all players and coaches, to ensure as many athletes are possible are addressing head and neck injury risk.
 The program lasts 6 weeks and is easy to follow. With clear progressions and coaching videos for each exercise, our Neck Strength Training plan can be performed as a standalone program or easily integrated into an athlete’s existing Strength and Conditioning program.

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